Beer Glass


There is just one thing I want to say...Cheers!

When thinking about a shape of this glass I found an inspiration in traditional Czech beer mugs originally designed by Jiří Brabec. My aim was to combine the traditional motif with a new modern shape, thus supporting a pleasant atmosphere when drinking beer. The glass was created during the summer semester. All students of our studio were taking part in a design competition for the small Czech brewery called Two Tales. We were supposed to design a new shape of a beer glass specially for this company. In recent years, a number of new breweries with smaller production were founded in the Czech Republic. They have become very popular because they are usually trying to follow the old Czech tradition of manufacturing beer. In addition, they also focuse on quality and bring a variety of newflavours. The glass production in the Czech Republic has an old tradition as well. So I followed both traditions and their heritage and designed this glass. But it‘s shape is modern as well as Two Tales itself.

crystal glass 2014

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