Supinka (fish scale)


The lastest project that is inspired by work of famous Czech Glass Artist František Vízner. The Šupinka tray is based on my analysis of František Vízner´s work. Like František Vízner himself, I was inspired by simple things and used shapes of basic geometrical objects. He paid significant attention to the details that enriched and softened his glass sculptures. He was highly influenced by Finnish design. He truly admired Tapio Virkkala and his work. As far as I am concerned, I am more interested in Japanese art. But it is not in contradiction to his principles because in his work we can see an influence of the Eastern philosophy. Some objects even invite you to wait and calm your mind. The beauty of his objects lies in harmony of all proportions as well as in the simplification of forms to the most basic ones. When he was working with glass, František Vízner always used the potential of material and technology to the fullest. He did not try to make pressed glass look like blown glass. On the contrary, he fully used the possibilities it offered. That is why I decided to create an object from melted glass and turn all its imperfections into its advantages. I was also interested in his work with structures during his early years when he worked as a designer in UNION glass factory in Dubí, near Teplice. So I made a model of my own structure which I used as a bottom part of the tray. The remaining surface is cut and polished. The contrast which emerged afterwards sets off the bottom rough structure even more. The tray should be used for serving maki sushi. The cut lens is for side vegetable avocado, cucumber with caviar and daikon radish. The name „šupinka“ is parallel to František Vízner´s enthusiasm to give his objects nicknames.

glass 2016

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