Want a chocolate? Yes? But be careful! These are mahagony. The tray with glass set Pralines is inspired by opened bonbonniere where are some of chocolates already missing. So one is able to move with chocolates as he wishes. The same idea is attached to the tray. It contains a glass set for two people. But there are three spots on wich you can place cups. So you can move wooden truffles and glass cups in order to achieve your own combination. The caligraphy brush, which is placed in a rabbet on the surface, has no particular meaning. It could be replaced by a completely different thing - a pearl for instance or it could remain empty. Its purpose is just to capture viewers attention and to start a dialogue between viewer and the tray. In my opinion, sometimes is very important to stop and look at things - no matter how ordinary they are. Only then one can truly realize and later remember how they actually look, what is their shape and also what is beautiful about them. Sometimes it can be a great surprise and we appreciate them even more.

mahagony and popplar wood, glass 2015

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