Sushi Tray

Tray for serving sushi covered with urushi – traditional Japanese lacquer. I created this piece while taking part in the urushi workshop under the supervision of Anna Cumlivska at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. I had the opportunity to learn the basics of this unique technique and create one piece according to my own design. The process of coating urushi is very slow and meditative. To achieve the highest level of gloss takes a lot of time so one has enough space to think about it. I realised how much the surface reminds me of glass. When placed next to each other, glass and urushi seems so similar that one can not be entirely sure which is which. That is why I decided to keep the design of the tray very simple so its pure shapes could underline the highly polished surface – so beautiful even without any decoration.

Tác na suši. Práce vytvořená v rámci workshopu s japonským lakem uruši vedený Annou Čumlivskou, který se konal na Vysoké škole uměleckoprůmyslové v roce 2014. Čisté tvarosloví dává vyniknout leštěnému lakovanému povrchu, který svým charakterem nápadně připomíná sklo.